No Thepla Holidays was set up by people who are in love with the idea of “taking a break”. Having traversed the globe ourselves we've figured that we’d like to keep doing it. And YOU can join us!

We don’t plan to go for holidays with you where everything is planned. We want to make sure you don’t miss out on the important stuff to do in each place. Whether it's a music festival or a pub crawl or even sitting at a bar supporting the local football club. We're there and want you with us.

Sanaya Ghandy

Sanaya Ghandy, Co-Founder and Queen

Professional holidayer who has visited over 20 countries in the last 5 years.

She needs to do one holiday at least every quarter and no, Goa doesn’t count - for that matter nor does any place in India. Europe, Americas, Africa, South East and the Far East have all been checked off her list. So she decided that she might as well go professional and hence No Thepla Holidays was born.

Having had a day job at Jaws Event Management and Production – the leading event management company in Pune - she has brought leading rock bands to India and planned dream weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs etc (usually for multi billionaires).

So she is now combining two of her best skills - travel and events, for people who are looking for unconventional, fun, party, offbeat and experiential holidays. If she hasn’t already done it she is probably planning to.

Long live the queen.

Ayesha Ghandy, Co-Founder and Eater

Where there is food she will find the way

Ayesha was working at the DHL Headquarters and living in Europe where she tapped into her inner gujju (bawa gujju bhai bhai) to save money only to travel to different parts of the continent and covered countries form Portugal to Croatia and The Netherlands to Greece. Having been a part of the AIESEC community she integrated herself with the different cultures and people she met through it.

An animal lover, Ayesha also loves horses and has been to riding holidays in the heart of Catalonian countryside in Spain. She’s also been to some of the best horsemanship schools in England (a.k.a. the true bawa home). Lately, she’s focused her attention towards the eastern hemisphere; from safaris in Africa to beachy locations in Asia.

Don’t worry she will share her food (but only if she must)

Ayesha Ghandy
Arjun Malhotra

Arjun Malhotra (Malo), Co-Founder and Peasant

No this does not mean he is going to carry your bags or tents or anything large or heavy for that matter. He is much too good looking for that (and far too small).

After a multitude of examinations, he pursued his desire to be an investment banker and worked at MNC’s such as ABN AMRO and EY (Ernst & Young). He is now turning his attention to con his way into getting to go for free holidays. Please help him!

He brings the ability to work (which he believes is missing above) and if you ask him he will tell you that he is the one doing all the sacrificing to make the wheel of No Thepla Holidays churn.

we are gaining social skills