Let’s start with the most important: Food

Q: What kind of food will be served on these trips?
A: We have taken a lot of care to not become parents and hence we don’t plan to parent you. We do not plan to wake you up with or for breakfast or make sure you eat your next meal which is healthy (for us bacon is as healthy as it gets). We will help you in finding places and you are free to come and eat at the same restaurants where we eat – personally we always try to experience the local cuisine.
Q: Are no meals included in the trip?
A: Depends on a case to case basis. We try not to include meals to reduce the trip cost for you so that you can choose what food you want to eat on the trip for yourself. Except in the case of breakfast where we try to choose accommodation where breakfast is included
Q: Is being a vegetarian a problem?
A: Well no one is perfect :) . Don’t worry we’ll help you find something to eat. It might not be a wide variety in the smaller towns but we will help you find something.
Q: Can we really not bring any Theplas?
A: You can if you really must. Though if our silent partner (whose name cannot be mentioned) comes then you might find them missing

For Princesses: Stay

Q: What kind of accommodation does No Thepla Holidays provide?
A: We try to not use hotels. We prefer hostels, apartments and also use tents where camping is required. Experience tells us that with hotels one doesn’t get to mingle with other travellers. Hostels on the other hand turn out to be a lot livelier with common areas where one can meet other travellers and plan different activities together
Q: So does No Thepla Holidays stuff everyone into one room and say “here now become buddies”?
A: Kind of. We use 6-12 bed dorms in the hostels we stay at (we try for the 6 bed ones but that is subject to availability). At the very minimum hostels usually have private rooms for 2 people. For an additional charge you can inform us when you are booking if you want a private room and we’ll give that a shot for you.
Q: Do guys and girls stay in the same room?
A: Since we are not your parents we do not judge you. If you prefer unisex rooms we suggest you ask at the time of booking, for the private rooms mentioned in the point above

No money no honey: Payment and Cancellation

Q: What is the payment process?
A: There are two parts to this
  • Booking Fee: Rs. 20,000. The amount given at the time of signing up for a holiday with us. This shows us you are coming and we will go ahead and make the booking for you with our vendors
  • Final Payment: This is the total listed amount of the trip minus the ‘Booking Fee’. This payment must be made within 2 weeks of making the booking fee or 45 days before the trip, whichever is sooner.
Q: How do I know my booking is confirmed?
A: Bookings shall be made by No Thepla Holidays post us receiving your ‘Booking Fee’. Only on making the ‘Final Payment’ will No Thepla Holidays send you your bookings for you to apply for your visa.
Q: Can I cancel a trip post booking with No Thepla Holidays i.e. will they refund my money?
A: The booking fee is non refundable. Amounts forfeited for cancellations made post complete payment are as below
  • Upto 45 days before departure: Deposit is forfeited
  • 45 days – 31 days before departure: 50% of trip fee
  • 31 days – 0 days: 100% of fee
* Please carefully go through the terms and conditions (link at the bottom of the website) at the time of booking
Q: Is the trip departure guaranteed?
A: No Thepla Holidays reserves the right to cancel any trip if there are too few participants or if the safety of the travellers is judged to be compromised. In such circumstances, refund of all payments received by No Thepla Holidays shall constitute full settlement excluding those of air tickets (if booked through No Thepla Holidays). Further No Thepla Holidays shall not be liable and responsible for any losses incurred on travel arrangements and flight tickets (booked personally) due to the cancellations. We will send you a disclaimer which will need to be signed by you at the time of paying the booking fee.

Et cetera Et cetera: General

Q: What is the average size of a group?
A: We try to keep the size below 12 people.
Q: What kind of Tours are these?
A: These are not tours. We think of ourselves as an aggregator of fellow travellers where our experience will help you in saving time effort and money on planning a fun filled trip. The idea is to meet different types of people and to get to know the cultures of the place being visited
Q: Is there an age criteria?
A: 18 years is the minimum age for our travellers. As for maximum we don’t believe that there should be cap on any age to have fun.

we are gaining social skills